ABC News producer: “Bush makes me sick!”

This is rather revealing, don’t you think?

An interesting debate on that email is taking place in the comments section at Roger L. Simon’s blog – the debate has shaped up to be (to paraphrase): he, just like everyone else in this country, is entitled to his opinion … the other side of the debate in essence says “yes, that’s true” but he did this on company time, and wrote this email to others at ABC, which presents a journalism ethical dilemma. I fall in the latter camp.

On the other hand, Stephen Spruiell cautions against reading too much into this email, and reminds us of a far more damaging document (this October 8, 2004 internal memo) that was sent by ABC News political director Mark Halperin in which Halperin urged ABC reporters to be tougher on the President than John Kerry.

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