The military and the media, the war in Iraq, etc

I’ve got a lot going on this morning, but I wanted to pass along to you a few articles/blogposts that relate to the Iraq war:

  • Lorie Byrd from Polipundit writes in an opinion piece at titled “The war about more than hurt feelings” – in it, she notes how the media like to spin military stories negative and has quotes from milblogger Blackfive.
  • Ian at Expose the Left has video of an Iraq war veteran’s wife who asked President Bush at a speech yesterday in Wheeling, West Virginia where people could find good news about Iraq, because the mainstream media, she noted, only seems to want to focus on the bad.
  • Read Tony Blair’s *excellent* speech he made this week on why we are fighting this war on terror – the speech includes heavy reminders of what this war is all about.
  • Hugh Hewitt interviewed Chris Hitchens yesterday and they discussed the media’s role in shaping our opinions on the situation in Iraq.


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