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Here are a few articles and blogposts you may find of interest this evening:

  • My friend Cal over at California Conservative is celebrating his blog’s first blogiversary. Make sure to post a comment there to wish him many more years of fine blogging! I’m a contributing blogger there, but have been absent for a couple of weeks due to having a lot going on – but I’ll be back there later this week to do some cross-posting.
  • The NY Daily News is reporting that Al Gore has painted the President as another – get this – Neville Chamberlain. I kid you not. Rob at Say Anything has a word or two in response to the former VP and presidential wannabe here.
  • Via Bloomberg, we find out that some of New Oreleans’ business leaders are ‘souring’ on Mayor Ray “Chocolate City” Nagin.
  • Is Katie Couric leaving the “Today” show in order to replace Dan Rather as evening anchor at CBS? Read more on the speculation at the NY Post.
  • The Anchoress, in honor of today being opening day for the Major League Baseball regular season, has up a nice post about the sport.
  • On a related note, the President threw the ceremonial first pitch of the 2006 MLBaseball season before the Cincinnati Reds game against the Chicago Cubs in Cinci.
  • In a setback to Bush-declared enemy combatant Jose Padilla, his attorneys, and those who think the administration has overstepped its bounds in holding Padilla for three years without charging, the US Supreme Court today in a 6-3 ruling declined to hear an appeal by the legal team representing Padilla. For some bizarre reason, the NYTimes referred to the USSC on this case as “sharply split” in spite of the fact that it was a 6-3 ruling.

Got some bad weather headed this way this evening (it’s been nasty on and off all day) but hopefully I’ll still have power and an I’net connection when it’s all over :)

Consider this an open thread.

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