As if we needed a write-up …

… to inform us as to how deep the hatred runs in some quarters of the lefty blogosphere towards the President and the right in general.

But we do.

Tim Blair blogs about this and notes that the blogger featured in the piece, Maryscott O’Connor, wasn’t pleased with the photo the Post chose to display – and I have to say that I’d be pretty ticked, too, if they’d gotten a shot of me like that and posted it. Which is why, if I’m ever in a similar position, I’ll refuse to open my door to the MSM for interviews until I’ve completed the full morning feminine ritual most of us ladies go through in order to make ourselves presentable to the world. No bad-hair-day-in-bathrobe shots for me, no sirree! ;;)

In any event, check out the article when you get a chance …

Also commenting on the WaPo piece: Ed Driscoll, Little Green Footballs, Ankle Biting Pundits, Flopping Aces, Ann Althouse

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