Things we do that make no sense, and misc. non-political rants

I came home early today, as I felt slightly under the weather. Turns out, I was literally under the weather once I started out on my way home. We had some of the nastiest weather I’d seen here in a long time. It was so windy outside it look like a tornado was passing through (minus the funnel). The stoplights were literally on their sides, electric lines were whipping back and forth in the wind, branches were flying all over the place, road construction barrels were rolling into the streets – and my car felt the impact of the wind as well. I was very eager to get home. Luckily, once I got here the storm passed a few minutes later. It was a short one, but memorable.

Anyway, since I’m in a mellow mood tonight I decided to blog about something other than the contentious issues of the day: things that we do in our lives that make no sense. Doesn’t have to be daily or weekly. Just something you do ever so often that you wonder after the fact why you keep doing it.

One thing I do that makes absolutely no sense is watching the movie ‘Indecent Proposal‘ everytime I either see it advertised as coming on or am flipping through channels and happen to catch it in progress. I really don’t know why I have this urge to watch it because it’s got the stupidest storyline. I mean, what man (outside of a complete nutjob) would give agree to his wife sleeping with another man for a million dollars?? What woman would actually consider it? Ok, so I know most mainstream movies are not realistic, but still … the whole plot is just stupid.

Yet I still watch it.

Is it because it’s the only movie in which I Robert Redford actually thought Robert Redford looked hot? Is it because I enjoy the soundtrack (of which I own a copy)? I can’t figure it out. What’s worse is that I still well up with tears at the end of the movie (I won’t divulge how it ends because I know that thanks to my glowing review of the film that there will be people lining up en masse to rent the DVD – heh) everytime single time I watch it.

Ok, now that I’ve throughly embarassed myself, it’s your turn :)

Now for the rant: this evening I was flipping through the channels and watched for a few minutes a show on the E! network. Kewpie doll I don’t even know who half the stars were who were shown on this program, but some of the female actresses scared me a bit. Why? Because when they talked or laughed, their faces did not move. Apparent victims of BOD: Botox Obsession Disease. I’ll be the first to say that I can understand that women who work in the entertainment biz want to stay youthful looking because it helps their careers, but getting so much Botox injected into your face so that you look like a Kewpie doll when you talk or laugh? I think not. Some of these women don’t look remotely natural anymore.

On a less catty note, dunno if I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m really digging home ownership. Most of this evening I’ve been sitting in my recliner by my front window, listening to my capiz shell chimes fluttering in the breeze. I also discovered two weeks ago that I have a cherry tree (the purpley/pink variety) in my backyard. It is gorgeous. The previous owners planted some pretty flowers and small bushes in the frontyard that I wasn’t aware of when I first moved in. I’ve no idea what any of them are called – I just know that they look very nice, with the exception of the petunia plants that I purchased a couple of weeks ago … which I think I’ve killed from overwatering. Ah well – I’ve never claimed to be a green thumb :-<

That concludes today’s mellow moments post :D

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