Just wanted to check in and say hello to everyone – feeling better at this point today but had the hunger pangs problem earlier this morning so it is touch and go. My visit to the doctor was a mixed bag in terms of what I felt was accomplished from it but I am back on the Prevacid thanks to the doc. writing a prescription for it that allows for two refills. I’m on my way to getting a handle on the problem, which in and of itself makes me feel better.

Taking the rest of the day to relax and make sure I’m feeling up to speed and then will return to work tomorrow. I’m looking fwd to it as I feel like this has been one of the most unproductive weeks in my entire life. I hate that! I’ll have a lot of work to catch up on Friday during the day but sometime tomorrow night or early Saturday I should be back to blogging as normal. I have missed it, along with chit chatting with all of you.

Thanks to everyone who has sent well wishes in email or posted them here. I have not had the chance to respond to each one personally because I’ve been trying to rest this week and do *very little* online – but I know the kind thoughts and prayers have definitely helped me feel better and stronger. God bless you. I have been at mom and dad’s most of the week for some extra TLC – there is nothing like the extra sweet care from your folks to help you get through times like this. I didn’t want to be alone considering how I was feeling (with sometimes feeling to weak to get a glass of water), so they invited me to stay with them and so I did :) The down side to that is that I’ve hardly seen my house this week – so it’ll be nice to return to my home tomorrow after work and get back into the swing of things.

To any radlib nutheads out there who might have been hopeful that I was leaving the blogosphere for good just because I’ve been gone for a few days, I’m not sorry to disappoint you :D

Consider this a new open thread, and I’ll catch back up with ya’ll either Fri night or first thing Saturday. Lookin’ fwd to it!

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