Nobody’s talking about it but deficits are shrinking …

… as tax revenues continue to outpace spending. Willisms has all the details.

So much for the ‘gloomy’ ecomony the Dems keep trying to tell us exists.

Hat tip: Rob at Say Anything

More: Via the AP:

April Tax Revenue 2nd-Highest in History

A flood of income tax payments pushed up government receipts to the second-highest level in history in April, giving the country a sizable surplus for the month.

In its monthly accounting of the government’s books, the Treasury Department said Wednesday that revenue for the month totaled $315.1 billion as Americans filed their tax returns by the April deadline. The gusher of tax revenue pushed total receipts up by 13.4 percent from April 2005.

It marked the largest one-month receipt total since the government collected $332 billion in revenue in April 2001, reflecting a boom in capital gains from stock investors lucky enough to cash out their investments before the bursting of the stock market bubble in early 2000.

Hat tip: Kim Priestap at Wizbang

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