Quick clicks around the MSM and the blogosphere

I’ve compiled a list of blogposts and news items for your perusal:

  • ST reader Dana R. Pico writes about political correctness in crime reporting. He’ll probably take a lot of flack from the usual suspects from that post, which tells you that it’s definitely worth reading.
  • CBS’ editorial director Dick Meyer has written an article asserting that the President is now a ‘lame duck’ President and discusses the possible ramifications Republicans could face as a result.
  • I’m a little late linking up to this: Bruce Kesler writes about “conservative battle fatigue” – are you feeling it? Mark Tapscott weighs in with some related thoughts and observations.
  • Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) says two judges on the FISA court have been in the loop on the NSA’s datamining program (reported by the USA Today with the obvious implication that this was scandalous) since 2001. Verizon and Bellsouth have denied turning over any phone data to the NSA. Hmmm …
  • The NYT reports that Democrats will soon be ‘reaching out’ to disgruntled Christian Republicans with radio ads. I think this will be a classic example of Howard Dean wasting more DNC money. Not that I care ;)
  • Captain Ed has a must-read post on two instances of primary victories for fiscal conservatives in Pennsylvania. Bravo!
  • Paris now has a street named in honor of convicted cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal. Sick.
  • Actor Bill Cosby recently spoke at the University of the District of Columbia on personal responsibility and the black community. Read about it at Right Voices.
  • Added at 9:51 pm: ST reader Karl is celebrating his third blogiversary. Congrats, Karl! Speaking of blogiversaries, Check out Jim at bRight and Early’s nifty blogiversary coding which allows you to keep a blogiversary database on your blog so you’ll know when others are celebrating theirs :)

Enjoy! And please utilize this as today’s open thread.

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