Sunday misc. news and notes

Been a slow news day and as a result there’s not much to blog about, as evidenced by a somewhat quiet blogosphere today.

What to do? I’ve read a little today and watched some of the Andy Griffith show marathon on TVLand :) Other misc. odds and ends:

– I could tell you about the strange long snore-like noises I heard last night outside my living room window for about 45 minutes or so – noises that I found out from doing a Google search in a panic were the mating call noises of a male bullfrog … but I wouldn’t want to bore you ;)

– The ‘Canes lost last night but hope to bounce back in game two in Raleigh tomorrow night against the Buffalo Sabres.

– Here’s your idiotic criminal news for the week: Man Falls Asleep in Coffin at Funeral Home

– Has Chris Matthews become unhinged?

– Thoughts and prayers go out to the Anchoress and her family, who will soon be faced with losing her brother-in-law to cancer.

This story about two Saudi men who mysteriously boarded a school bus on its way to a high school in Tampa on Friday is scary. They’ve been arrested. As Drudge would say, developing …. Update: A judge has revoked their bail so investigators would have more time to check out the pasts of the uninvited bus riders.

Consider this an open thread.

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