The Jesse Macbeth video hoax

Just how far will the hardcore anti-Iraq war left go to try and smear the US military?

Far enough for one of them to claim to be an Iraq war veteran who was ‘pushed’ by his fellow soldiers into committing numerious atrocities against the Iraqi people.

AllahPundit and others (see links here and here) have done some serious digging on this and it looks like Jesse MacBeth is no Iraq war veteran.

Allah reports that even DUers are disgusted, and that’s saying alot.

The hardcore anti-war left already has (unfortunately) legit (and by legit I mean “real”) instances of atrocities committed by some (by NO means a majority) of our troops (like Abu Ghraib). What’s the point in making up stuff?

Other Iraq war urban legends have been debunked here.

More: Brad Staggs calls MacBeth the Nimrod of the Week – I say MacBeth should get Nimrod of the Month at the very least. Staggs also reports that the Army has no record of Jesse MacBeth serving in the Special Forces or as an Army Ranger.

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