Tuesday open thread

Here’s your open thread for today.

I’ll start it off with my thoughts on Barry Bonds’ hitting his 715th HR this past weekend, passing Babe Ruth’s 714 to become #2 on the most career homeruns list. The only one left to catch now is Hank Aaron, who holds the record at 755 HRs.

Bonds is not ruling out a return to baseball next year, so assuming he’s healthy, he’ll be back because his ego is too big to miss out on the opportunity to pass Hank Aaron’s record.

I just cannot get excited about him passing Ruth’s record. Not just because of the steroids controversy (see more here) but because he’s just an all-around jerk. Of course we don’t get to pick and choose those who breaks records.

Are there many people out there, outside of Giants’ fans (and the person who catches HR #756), who are excited about Bonds’ inching closer to Aaron’s record?

On an unrelated sports note, don’t forget the Hurricanes play the Sabres tonight in Buffalo – game six game time is 7:30 PM ET. If the ‘Canes win tonight, they’ll go on to face Edmonton in the finals. If it goes to seven games, game seven will be played in Raleigh Thursday night.

WED AM UPDATE: The ‘Canes lost in a heartbreaker last night: 2-1 in OT.

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