2 battles fought tonight, ST is 1-1


I had a long day at work today and very much looked fwd to coming home, starting a load of clothes to wash, getting comfortable and then making some dinner. What happens when I walk in the door? I walk back to my kitchen to grab a bottle of water and that’s when I see the trail. Of ants. From my back door to the wall to my countertops. This is the one thing I hate about spring and summer: bugs and other assorted tiny multi(!)-legged things that get active this time of the year.

I had to take everything off the countertops, spray them with ant spray, give the dead ants their proper burial in the trashcan, take the bag out to the big trashcan, come back inside and Soft Scrub my counters and sink, and then go behind them and use several Clorox wipes to make sure the germs were gone and the ant spray cleaned off. I also had to clean out the cabinet under my sink as well as one drawer next to it.

While my countertops were drying out from being wiped down with the Soft Scrub and the Clorox wipes, I decided to go out back and trim back my rose bushes (the two left in the backyard from the prior owners of my townhome) because they were overwhelming my kitchen window. I put on garden gloves and proceeded to go out and start trimming. The thorns on these bushes are massive – which I didn’t realize until today – and as a result, they dug through my gardening gloves and cut me in three places. GRRRRRRRRR. I hate gardening. The rose bushes are going to have to go.

To make matters even worse, tomorrow is trash day so I had to roll my trash can around the building to bring it up front so as soon as I’m done trimming the rose bushes, I go ahead and start the trek around the back of the building to the front of it. Who happens to be walking out of his sliding glass doors in the back of his townhome but the new cute *single* male neighbor two doors down, who (before today) I had not met and had only barely seen before. So the first glimpse of me he gets is one of me smelling like a mixture of ant spray and Soft Scrub, sweating from gardening, wearing dirty gardening gloves, leaves in my hair, and an overall unkempt “been outside fighting with rose bushes and lost” look. Great. He was very polite, but is probably now thinking that his neighbor two doors down is Phyllis Diller’s granddaughter.

I didn’t finish getting all that done (rose bush trimming and putting my kitchen back together) until almost 7:30. I was starving so I scubbed my hands clean in order to make a quick dinner. Now I’m getting ready to get cleaned up a bit, and then log back on later as I have blogging to catch up on tonight. Not to mention I’m now working on that load of clothes I wanted to do first thing when I got home so I’ll be up for a few more hours.

So that’s been my evening so far: I’m 0-1 with the rose bushes but 1-0 with ants.

And how was YOUR day?

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