Quite possibly the best play in baseball?

I know it’s an old clip, but a Canadian friend of mine posted this link to what he thinks is the best play ever in baseball, made by the Chicago Cubs’ Rick Monday in 1976. He – quite literally – saves the day.

What do you think? :)

(Thanks to Dunkenstein)

Update: This is awesome!

On April 25, 2006 there was a flag flown by the 101st Airborne Medvac unit in Iraq, to pay honor to Rick Monday, a Marine Corps veteran, who committed an unselfish act of Patriotism in 1976 on a ball field as protesters were about to burn our American flag. The flag that was flown in Iraq was sent to Mrs. Monday in hopes that she would forward it to her husband as a token of his support for his beloved country. To pick up this very flag in Florida and take it to Los Angeles, California to Dodger stadium to present it to Rick in a post-game ceremony on 4th of July, preceding the 4th celebration.

This is a national Mission and Snap is the man is in charge of special missions for the PGR nationally. We have a deadline of 01 JULY 06 to get this flag to LA to prepare for the ceremony. Snap is working on the actual itinerary and it is posted below.

The days listed are the days each state has the flag. Pick your own route State Captains; just setup the handover to next state. The first shift lists three days in case Mrs. Monday wants the start Sunday instead of Saturday.

June 17-18-19 Florida, Georgia and Alabama
Flag picked up by Florida PGR, Carried to Fl/Ga line on I-75 south of Valdosta Ga.
Flag carried up I-75 to Tifton Ga then west on 82 to Eufaula Al
Flag carried on Hwy 82 to Montgomery Al ( I live there) then north on I-65 to the
Tenn line

June 20th Tn
Flag carried North on I-65 through Nashville to the Kentucky line.

June 21st Kentucky
Flag carried North on I-65 to the Indiana line through Louisville Ky

June 22 Indiana
Flag carried North on I-65 to Indianapolis then West on I-70 to Illinois

June 23 Illinois
Flag carried West on I-70 through Illinois to St. Louis Missouri

June 24 Missouri
Then on I-44 to Joplin Missouri then to the Oklahoma line

June 25 Oklahoma
Then through Claremore/Tulsa then open route to Oklahoma City and I-40 then to Texas line

June 26 Texas
Flag carried through Amarillo to New Mexico line

June 27/28 New Mexico (a wide state)
Flag carried through Albuquerque to Arizona line

June 29th Arizona

Flag carried through Flagstaff on I-40 to Needles Calif Line

June 30/1st California.

Finally through Calif to La at the stadium

I love it! But please don’t tell Natalie Maines about it ;)

Hat tip: RoadieFan

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