MSM all but declared our troops guilty of Haditha charges, but give Miami 7 the benefit of the doubt

Check closely the news articles and commentary coming from the MSM and the left today on the story about the seven suspected terrorists arrested in Miami on charges they wanted to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago as well as the FBI building in Miami (among other places).

The theme you’ll get from what you read and hear is that the Miami 7 were small fries, and we should give them the benefit of the doubt. Heck, they might even been ‘entrapped’ by our gov’t!

This Time article and this Sunday Times Online article exemplify all of the above.

There is a distinctly different way that the press is treating the Miami 7 than the Marines who were alleged to have killed innocent Iraqi civilians in ‘cold blood’ (Murtha’s words). The bottom line is that while people like you and me want to give our troops the benefit of the doubt – innocent before proven guilty – the media and the hardcore anti-war left crowd don’t share that same view, while on the other hand they’re perfectly willing to give suspected terrorists the benefit of the doubt.

Florida Cracker writes:

Luckily for them, Timothy McVeigh is the gold standard in homegrown terrorism. “Fools” taking oaths to al Qaeda doesn’t impress local newspapers.

I wonder what the papers would have made of McVeigh if he’d been caught during the planning stage of the Oklahoma City bombing. This is the guy, after all, who thought the government had planted a microchip in his buttcheek under guise of giving him a gamma globulin shot. I think the media has already decided these men are harmless kooks entrapped in a sting.

Strange, isn’t it?

Hat tip: Sweetness and Light (with more here).

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