Monday evening quick links

Some links for your perusal:

  • Patrick Hynes of Ankle Biting Pundits fame has a book coming out next week titled In Defense of the Religious Right. I’m going to be taking a sneak peek at it later this week, and I’ll let you know what I think about it (although I know it’ll be good!). In the meantime, check out this interview Patrick did with the Compass Points blog about the book.
  • Have you visited “Save the Quagmire!“? Methinks you’ll like it – alot :)

Taking a quick look around the ST reader blogosphere:

  • My friends Brian at Iowa Voice and Jim at bRight and Early have launched a new information site which features noteable posts from around the blogosphere as well as the big news of the day. It’s called BuzzJungle (I dig that name!). If you’re a blogger, once you register at the site you can submit posts and news articles to the site for possible publication. Great idea by a couple of great guys. When you get a chance, please check out BuzzJungle :)
  • ST reader Dana R. Pico blogs about the 50,000 figure being trumpeted by the LA Times and Salon, among others, as being the ‘best estimate’ for the number of Iraqis killed since the start of the Iraq war.
  • Meet Louisiana’s newest Senator: Kevin! He’s going to solve the illegal immigration problem all by himself ;)
  • Iron Eagle, Ryan? C’mon! I know you’ve got some better movies in your collection than that! The only redeeming quality about that movie is that there were cool planes in it and the guy who played ‘Doug Masters’ was cute :D
  • Karl has posted a picture that says it all regarding the NYTimes and their unfortunate eagerness to spill the beans on how the administration is attempting to wage the war on terror under without the terrorists knowing all about it.
  • I’ve not linked to CavalierX’s blog in a while (shame on me!) – just keep scrolling for some great commentary from Mr. X on a variety of issues.
  • I hear an APB has been issued for this guy. FA, where are you?
  • Francis W. Porretto posts some “Monday Maunderings“.


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