NYT and LAT ask: When Do We Publish a Secret?

In a rare joint move, the editors of the LAT and NYT (Dean Baquet and Bill Keller, respectively) have an editorial posted in today’s New York Times (and I’m sure it’s in the LA Times as well) which tries to answer the question: “when do we publish a secret?”

They’ve given you the long answer. I’m giving you the short answer:

When a Republican is in the WH.

That was easy enough :)

Allah has news about the latest Fox poll showing that 60% feel that the NYT and LAT publishing of this story helped AQ more than it served the ‘public interest.’ 66% of those surveyed believe that the people publishing these types of leaks which cause harm to our national security should face charges.

Update: Don Singleton beat me to it on the answer to the question ;)

More: Is the NYT engaged in a little ‘payback’ for the admin’s criticism of their publishing the Swift story?

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