The anniversary of the 7/7 terrorist attacks in London

Pajamas Media has a roundup of bloggers remembering that day.

Here’s my post from last year, in response to the 7/7 attacks:


We must stand together 7/8/2005

We are unitedAs I woke up Thursday morning and turned the TV on to Fox News, I got a sickening feeling from the images I saw. It was predicted and expected that Britain would be next on Al Qaeda’s hit list – the only question was when.

Thursday, unfortunately, was that day.

At the time of this writing, the London Times Online is reporting 52 dead and over 700 wounded from today’s coordinated bombings in the Underground section of London. On an Islamic website, a group who calls itself the Secret Organization Group of al-Qaeda of Jihad Organization in Europe is claiming responsibility for these attacks, citing British support for the US in the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Not surprisingly, this group of brutal, ruthless terrorist thugs is hell bent on shaking the will of the British people .

In this, they will fail.

Because unlike some other countries I won’t mention in this blog entry, Britain shares in common with the US an unbreakable spirit and a fierce determination to combat evil. It goes without saying that WWII, in which Britain suffered a massive loss of life as well as infrastructure, stands as a testament to the intestinal fortitude of British citizens to keep their heads up and to continue to go on with their lives. At this time, as always, the US stands shoulder to shoulder with you Britain because not only are you our greatest ally, but you are also our closest friend. There is a difference between the two and I’m incredibly proud to say that you are both to us.

Now is also the time for the more radical elements of the left in the US and UK to finally admit that the root of all evil in this world is not President Bush or Prime Minister Tony Blair: the evil that is being perpetrated on the innocents of this world in massive quantities is happening courtesy of fanatical Islamo-fascists who indeed want to destroy our way of life and replace it with their own hateful ideological lifestyle. It’s time to stop being politically correct. It’s time to recognize radical Islam for the evil it truly is. It is NOT a peaceful religion. Don’t believe me? Read the Koran. Listen to what the so-called “moderate” Islamist imams are have been and ARE saying in this country when they think you aren’t paying attention.

It is time like these when we especially need to note and understand that we – the world – are all in this together, whether we want to be or not. Politicians, nor the people, should use tragedies like this to advance this bogus theory that the terrorist attacks that happen to our allies are the fault of the US and the British due to their vigilance in Afghanistan in Iraq. We’re in Iraq and Afghanistan to *combat* this hateful ideology and blaming America and the UK for this is like blaming the police force for responding to a crime wave with necessary force. The attacks won’t divide us, but playing the petty blame game – as George “Saddam is my friend” Galloway did, is not the surest route to maintaining unity. Thursday the “Respect MP had this to say about the terrorist attacks in London:

“We argued, as did the security services in this country, that the attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq would increase the threat of terrorist attack in Britain. Tragically Londoners have now paid the price of the Government ignoring such warnings.” (see more comments on this at Powerline and Wizbang)

Mr. Galloway’s tacky and utterly tasteless remarks were rightly condemned in the British Parliament. I urge people, in light of comments like his and other similar comments that are sure to follow, to reject this bogus rhetoric – coming from someone who knows his comments will be heard around the globe, it’s designed to make us feel guilty for not only responding to terrorist attacks with force but for attempting to change the ideology of a region of the world well known for it’s contempt of all things western, an ideology that has contributed greatly to terrorist attacks we’ve seen committed both here and abroad going back decades. That’s not to say that our approach to handling and dealing with terrorism is perfect and shouldn’t be criticized. But things need to be kept in their proper perspective. Prime Minister Blair didn’t ask for this. Nor did President Bush. They didn’t cause it, either. Instead of ridiculing them at this time with charges that they ‘ignored warnings that this would happen’ (which incidentally translates into: “we told you if you tried to combat terror via ways other than negotiation, this would happen”), the most important thing we can do is stand beside them in unity and declare to the terrorists who committed this heinous act (as well as others) that they will not divide us nor will they shake our will. We can’t let things like this divide us. If we do, then the terrorists have accomplished part of their goal.

Let’s show them that we won’t let that happen.

Sat AM Update: The Guardian publishes an opinion piece that lays the blame for the 7/7 attacks on the British gov’t for ‘creating the terrorists.’ Surprise surprise. (Hat tip: Dunk)

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