Me on the Tammy Bruce show (Monday open thread)

Wanted to start the customary open thread for the day as well as welcome Tammy Bruce listeners who may be visiting my site for the first time today. Hope you like what you see here and will return often.

Enjoyed very much being on the show … it was kind of like driving a car the first time – you’re very nervous at first, but eventually you hit your stride (or try to, anyway!) :)

Update 3:18 PM ET: I’m trying to upload recording of the show to the site and the site is not wanting to cooperate … hope to have it posted shortly.

Update 6:46 PM ET: At last, here’s the link to the interview. I have no idea why I couldn’t load the file earlier (from another computer). Kevin was a great help today in recording it and sizing the file down. Hat tip to ya, Kevin ^:)^

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