Word to the wise

Don’t claim to be a Marine … unless you really are one. As this story notes, one guy had to find that out the hard way:

William Horvath of Whitefish had claimed to have served his country as a Marine, but never did. It’s the kind of offense that could easily be glossed over, but not for real veterans. Unfortunately for Horvath, U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy is a real veteran.

Molloy fashioned a unique sentence for Horvath. For 50 hours, Horvath must walk the sidewalk outside the federal courthouse from Missoula, revealing his shame on a sandwich board.

On the front will read, “I am a liar. I am not a Marine.” On the back will be the words: “I have never served my country. I have dishonored veterans of all wars.”

Horvath also must write letters of apology to local newspapers and to veterans groups.

Heidi at Euphoric Reality (hat tip to her, BTW, for this link) wonders when/if we’ll see something similar happen to serial liar Jesse MacBeth.


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