Tuesday/Wednesday open thread

Here ya go … and I’ll add my own off topic chatter to it to get things started off:

Remember the temptation I blogged about last Thursday regarding a new Dell computer I’ve had my eye on?

I gave in on Sunday evening and ordered it. Just rec’d the tracking number for it today.

I may have it by the weekend.

It’s nothing super-fancy, but it’s got more up to date software on it than my current desktop, more memory, a flat panel monitor, better speakers, etc. I love my Dell!

I usually end up getting a new computer about every two to three years – most people I know hold on to theirs until it crashes. What can I say? I’m a computer geek at heart and when I see one I like, it’s hard to resist the urge. It’s so unfair that computer companies now offer these super duper deals on desktops …

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