You know you’re desperate for the NFL season to start when …

… you get excited about pre-season games.

The Raiders beat the Eagles last night 16-10. It wasn’t one of the most well-played games ever, that’s for sure, but hey – it was football :D

The Panthers first pre-season game will be Saturday here vs. Buffalo. Game time is 7:30.

More: Speaking of sports, lady readers of this blog should enjoy this link to Fox Sports’ Top 10 pretty boys list – I will say that I’m highly disappointed, though, that they didn’t include pix of each one. Oh, and how the heck did Tom Brady only make it to the ten slot? Should have been ranked at least in the top five, IMO …

One guy I would have added to the list, even though there’s no way he could have been considered ‘pretty’ or ‘metrosexual’ enough to be on it: Denver QB Jake Plummer – with the beard and mustache, of course. This is a good shot of him, but the beard needs to be trimmed up a bit.

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