Mid-air suicide mission was to have included infant?

This is beyond sick, if true.

I was about to ask “what kind of heartless b-stards would sacrifice their child like that?” and then I remembered that Palestinian terrorists do it all the time.

Hat tip: LGF

See also at LGF: Photos of terrorist supporters marching this weekend in Washington, DC. Ian at Hot Air has more, and links up to Age of Hooper for even more. See San Fran terrorist supporters here. Toronto terrorist supporters can be seen here (scroll – the first few pix are from an anti-terror rally). Click here to see German supporters of terrorism.

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit

Update: More examples of Islamofascist depravity, this time it’s Hezbollah – they apparently placed disabled children in the building in Qana that Israel targeted, and then placed a rocket launcher on top of the building to provoke Israel. That they would deliberately put civilians in harms way is disgusting enough, but to put disabled children in the line of fire …? What I have to say in response isn’t suitable for print.

Read more via YNET News.

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