Dell battery recall

In case you haven’t heard, Dell is recalling over 4,000,000 notebook batteries they shipped with laptops between April 1, 2004, and July 18, 2006. Here’s why:

SAN FRANCISCO – In the largest electronics-related recall involving the Consumer Products Safety Commission, Dell Inc. agreed to replace 4.1 million notebook computer batteries made by Sony Corp. because they can burst into flames.

A Dell spokesman said Monday that the Sony batteries were placed in notebooks that were shipped between April 1, 2004, and July 18 of this year.

“In rare cases, a short-circuit could cause the battery to overheat, causing a risk of smoke and/or fire,” said the spokesman, Ira Williams. “It happens in rare cases, but we opted to take this broad action immediately.”

To find out if your notebook’s battery has been recalled, click here. My Inspiron 2200 was not on the list.

I’ve heard of hot computers, but this is ridiculous ;)

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