Wed/Thur open thread

Blogging has been light lately because I’ve been home not feeling my best. I’m going to try and catch up on some blogging later this evening.

The Blogads that normally run on the top left column – are ya’ll seeing those? They are not showing up for me. The only thing I am seeing is the “advertise with ST” link. This happened over the weekend for a brief time too. I emailed Blogads and they are saying that everything is showing up just fine. I’ve cleared my cache, refreshed, restarted, etc and they aren’t showing up. Is everyone else able to see them ok? I’m viewing the blog through IE7. If you are unable to see them, please post what browser you are viewing through as well.

Update: Thanks for the feedback – I’m able to see the ads now, too, via my laptop as well as desktop using IE7. However, a reader emailed me and he is not able to view them through FireFox. I’ve had that problem before when I view the site through FireFox, but refreshing usually makes the ads come up in FireFox.

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