John Mark Karr: Did he really murder JonBenet?

This Associated Press story points to some discrepancies between the story John Karr has told, and what is known about the case:

Lt. Gen. Suwat Tumrongsiskul of the Thai immigration police changed some details Friday of the account he had given of what Karr told investigators. In a telephone interview Thursday with The Associated Press, Suwat quoted Karr as saying he had sexually assaulted the girl and given her drugs. He also told reporters before a news conference Thursday that Karr had claimed to have picked up JonBenet at her school.

On Friday, Suwat confirmed to the AP his account of the sexual assault. But asked Friday if Karr gave the girl drugs, Suwat said the suspect described the encounter with JonBenet Ramsey as “a blur.”

“It may have been drugs, or it may have been something else because (Karr said) it was a blur, blur” Suwat said.

Suwat also said Friday that his statement about the girl being picked from school was based on a documentary he had seen and not the interrogation.

JonBenet’s autopsy report found no evidence of drugs, saying her death was caused by strangulation after a beating that included a fractured skull. While it describes vaginal injuries, it makes no conclusions about whether she was raped. Investigators later concluded there was no semen on JonBenet’s body.

His ex wife has also said that Karr was in Alabama the night of JonBenet’s murder.

John Hawkins is skeptical about Karr’s claims.

Did Karr really do it? Or can we add ‘attention-seeking nut’ to this weirdo’s list of ‘accomplishments‘?

Hat tip: La Shawn Barber

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