Tropical Storm Ernesto update

(Yes, I managed to get the type of storm right this time ;) )

Here’s what things are looking like in North Carolina right now:

Raleigh Doppler radar - Ernesto

The coast and the Raleigh area are getting slammed with rain. It’s overcast here where I am, drizzling some, and it’s a bit windier than normal but otherwise nothing major. TS Ernesto is right now moving NNE at 70MPH (Correction: scratch that: the winds were 70 MPH but it was moving much slower – around 20 MPH. I think we’ve established that I’ll never have a chance in hell of working at the Weather Channel!).

To my friends on the coast and on inland into Raleigh and New Bern: hang in there!

By the way, here is a cool new feature on the Weather Channel website for tracking hurricanes. Or at least it’s new to me, anyway.

Update 7:36 PM: It’s not just drizzling anymore here – we’re getting some pretty heavy rains. The winds are still mild, though.

Update 10:57 PM: All is quiet here. Just drizzling now, almost no wind. Time for bed.

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