Scandal! Defense corporation CEOs have made a lot of money since 9-11

I think it’s time for an investigation into the activities of these warmongering CEOs!

Seriously, why is this news, exactly? Doesn’t it stand to reason that if we’re at war, defense companies are going to, well, profiit from the goods and services they provide for it?

The ‘study’ was conducted by two liberal groups, according to the AP piece (and hats off to them for mentioning that, as you generally don’t see liberal groups identified as you do conservative groups in MSM pieces) so that should give you a hint as to the possible motivations behind it: anti-Iraq war sentiment. Obviously we’re spending more money there because we have more troops there, but because defense contractors are profiting from it, we now can confirm that the war was started not only to make oil fatcats even more rich, but so the Prez’s and VP’s pals in the defense industry could profit, too!

Will we be seeing a study soon on what companies are making the most money from the Hurricane Katrina rebuilding effort? Only if it can be tied back to the Bush administration.

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