P2911- Discussion thread

Post your thoughts on part one here.

Update I: So far, what I’m seeing matches up very closely with what I’ve read in various books about the 1993 WTC attack, including the victims (the pregnant woman) and the terrorists.

Update II: The Democrats got their wish. The scene they protested was edited out. Here is the original scene, for anyone interested.

Malkin is liveblogging this.

Update III: Allah’s got a side by side comparison of what was edited.

Update IV: The post P2911 Nightline seems to be a hit piece on George Tenet. Way to go, ABC. We must absolve Clinton of any wrongdoing!

Update V: Terry Moran is in Afghanistan reporting? Oh God.

Update VI: My assessment (I posted this at HotAir as well): Overall, I found the whole near-three hours excellent. A lot of what was in the movie was factual or a good representation of it, and anyone who has read the volume of books out there on how the Clinton admin bungled counterterrorism operations knows it.

I didn’t, however, like the little Nightline segment, showing Richard Clarke passing the blame buck to George Tenet. I’m sick of this guy looking like a Γ’β‚¬Λœhero’ – he’s not.

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