The increasingly popular Iraq war

The number of people in favor of the Iraq war has actually increased over the last few weeks, according to a couple polls. Frank Warner has the details, and includes this spot-on commentary regarding the media’s lack of appropriately calling this an ‘increasingly popular war’:

Tired phrase. I recalled yesterday that, over the last year or two, news story after news story has referred to the “increasingly unpopular Iraq war.” I asked if now we could expect an endless string of news stories with the phrase “increasingly popular Iraq war.”

But hold it. Were there really all these stories referring to the “increasingly unpopular Iraq war”? Were they only nightmares? Well, no. I checked, and there are tons of stories with that discouraging phrase.

Here are just a few examples of straight news stories describing Iraq as the “increasingly unpopular war.”

He’s done some excellent detective work on the how the media characterized the Iraq war when it was losing support. Check it out.

Hat tip: Instapundit

Related/Update: Speaking of polls, the LATimes reports that the GOP is making inroads with voters – the polls are tightening up, with Dems and Reps running neck and neck going into the fall elections.

Also, Rep. Murtha is fishing for votes – for House Majority Leader.

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