Shots fired at Colorado high school

Via Fox News:

BAILEY, Colo. β€” An adult gunman took at least four people hostage at Platte Canyon High School in the tiny mountain town of Bailey on Wednesday, and was holding at least four people hostage.

Platte and the adjoining Fitzsimmons Middle School were being Wednesday after reports of shots fired. Schools in the surrounding areas were on lockdown.

The Jefferson County bomb squad and SWAT team responded to a reported emergency in Bailey, which is located about 50 miles southwest of Denver, according to local media reports. The two schools share a wall with each other.

There are reports that there is an “active gunman” in Platte. There are no reports of any injuries so far. Local FOX affiliate KCNC reported that as many as four hostages may be inside the school. Law enforcement officials are reportedly speaking with the shooter; it’s not known whether those conversations are taking place in person or by phone.

The evacuation of the schools came after a loud noise, said Jan Howard, a secretary to the superintendent of schools.

“I don’t know what the noise was,” she said. She said students were taken to a safe location, but predicted parents would not be able to immediately reach them because the only highway in and out of town had been shut down.

Stay tuned …

Update I: The standoff is over. The gunman shot and killed himself, and critically injured a young girl. MSNBC reports:

BAILEY, Colo. – A middle-aged gunman walked into the high school in this mountain town Wednesday, fired at least two shots and took six people hostage before the situation ended with his death, authorities said.

Four hostages were released, but two girls remained inside Platte Canyon High School more than three hours after the gunman arrived, said Jacki Kelley, spokeswoman for the Jefferson County sheriff.

Park County Sheriff Fred Wegener said the gunman shot one of the girls and then shot himself after a SWAT team entered the high school. The girl was taken to the hospital in critical condition via helicopter.

This is the same county that dealt with the Columbine shootings:

Jefferson County authorities are all too familiar with school attacks: The sheriff’s office handled the 1999 attack at Columbine High School in which two students killed 13 people before taking their own lives.

Thoughts and prayers go out to the victim and her family. Here’s praying for a full recovery.

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