Friday open thread

Hi ya’ll,

Taking half a day off the 8-5, got some errands to run and then I’ll be on my way to Greensboro for the conference, so posting today will be very sporadic. Wanted to get this open thread started so you can talk about the things I may not have time to blog about today.

Hopefully I’ll be able to log on to the laptop this evening to check in with everyone and blog a little. If I don’t, you know I’m having technical issues. I’ve never used my laptop outside of the house nor have I connected up to someone else’s WiFi before – so I hope doing so isn’t too complicated.

Catcha later :)

Sat 12:53 AM Update: Hey everyone! I’m here in Gboro now – just now got a chance to log on and test out my I’net connection. Good to go so far. Will be busy with the conference most of the day Saturday but we’ll be getting breaks so I should be able to blog a little then (assuming I have no trouble connecting). Have met some cool bloggers this evening, which I’ll blog about some more when my eyelids aren’t drooping :)

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