More breaking news: Small plane crashes into high rise building in NYC

The AP has a small story up on it now:

NEW YORK (AP) – A small plane crashed into a high-rise on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, police said Wednesday. There was no immediate word on any deaths or injuries.

A column of gray smoke rose over the city, and raging flames could be seen in four windows on two upper floors.

I’m not in front of a TV so I don’t know the latest news, but Allah’s on top of it. The commenters in that thread are saying that they heard it was actually a helicopter, not a small plane.

Update I: Stop The ACLU has updates, photos, and video coverage.

Update II: Two are confirmed dead: the plane’s pilot and passenger. One of them was Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle.

Thur AM Update I: Check out Keith Olbermann’s commentary on Lidle. What a jerk.

Thur AM Update II: Speaking of jerks

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