About those Lancet numbers

The much-disputed recent study by Lancet that claims over 650,000 Iraqi’s have died since the start of Iraq war is being disputed today but the anti-war Iraq Body Count website. Their claim? Lancet’s numbers are way too high. Via the IBC website:

If these assertions are true, they further imply:

  • incompetence and/or fraud on a truly massive scale by Iraqi officials in hospitals and ministries, on a local, regional and national level, perfectly coordinated from the moment the occupation began;
  • bizarre and self-destructive behaviour on the part of all but a small minority of 800,000 injured, mostly non-combatant, Iraqis;
  • the utter failure of local or external agencies to notice and respond to a decimation of the adult male population in key urban areas;
  • an abject failure of the media, Iraqi as well as international, to observe that Coalition-caused events of the scale they reported during the three-week invasion in 2003 have been occurring every month for over a year.

In the light of such extreme and improbable implications, a rational alternative conclusion to be considered is that the authors have drawn conclusions from unrepresentative data. In addition, totals of the magnitude generated by this study are unnecessary to brand the invasion and occupation of Iraq a human and strategic tragedy.

So even in light of the fact that they don’t support the Iraq war, IBC also doesn’t support the over-inflated numbers from the recent Lancet October surprise. A rare tip of the hat goes to IBC.

Via: McQ at QandO

Oh, speaking of Lancet, Jim Hoft points to the political leanings of Lancet’s editor. You won’t be surprised.

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