Monday/Tuesday open thread

Ok, ya’ll – tell me who you’re rooting for to go all the way in the World Series. I know St. Louis and the Mets are still battling it out to see who will represent the NL, so which of the two do you want to go? Are do we have some Detroit Tigers fans in the house who don’t care who the Tigers play?

I have no dog in this fight, as my poor Braves – well, we won’t go there.

Game 5 of the NLCS was supposed to be played tonight in St. Louis but rain has pushed the game to tomorrow night – 8:19 pm ET on FOX. The NLCS is currently tied at 2 games each.

BTW, I’m behind on emails – I still haven’t caught up from being out of town in Gboro two weekends ago. Bear with me, ya’ll. I’m catching up as fast as I can.

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