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News and notes from the MSM and the blogosphere:

— The talented RightWingSparkle is leaving the blogosphere, to pursue volunteer work, which is – as you’ll see from her post – something she finds immensely rewarding. Here’s wishing her all the best. She’ll be missed. (Hat tip: MKH)

— Did you know that the EU is trying to stifle videobloggers? Michelle Malkin has the details.

Captain Ed is staying on top of the latest developments in the Harry Reid non-disclosuregate scandal. Of course, it’s a scandal to us, but not the MSM. Sweetness and Light is also on the case.

— The liberal ACLU now has some competition out there: the conservative PJI. Read more about it here.

— This will make him even more unpopular with the Nutroots (which is a good thing): Joe Lieberman has endorsed John Bolton for permanent US ambassador to the UN. Good for him.

— Former President GeraldFord, 93, is back home at his Southern California home after being hospitalized for five days while undergoing medical tests. Here’s hoping he feels better soon.

Caption this (scroll) ;)

— Watch the video on the political junk in Hillary’s trunk (heh). Speaking of Hillary, the “named after Sir Edmund Hillary” claim has finally been put to rest.

— Chris Hitchens has a different take than most Iraq war supporters on those highly questionable Lancet numbers. (Hat tip: Decision ’08)

— How would you like to live in a chocolate igloo?

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