Two new plugins for the site installed (WEDS/THURS OPEN THREAD)

And yours truly installed ’em – correctly, for a change ;)

If you look just below each post there is now the option to print the post, and there is also an opetion to email the post. I had the email option there for a while, but it was no longer working for some reason, so I went in and installed the updated plugin and it’s working tonight.

I should note that both plugins have a couple of small bugs that affect the look of the pages you see, but not their functionality. For example, the email page looks a little strange, but the buttons you need to use to fill out in order to email a post to someone works. What’s happening on the email page that I want fixed is how it’s pushing my blog theme to below where you fill out the email info. Not only that but the theme itself underneath the email options doesn’t show up properly.

The print page on some posts does not display all the text – it seems to happen on short ones more than it does on long ones. That is a bug the developer is working on as we speak.

Hope you enjoy the new features :) I’m slowly tweaking the blog here and there to give it some more features as well as functionality.

Thur AM Update: The bugs should be fixed in the two plugins, so when you go to print, you should see the entire piece and not just selected parts of the past and when you go to email a post, the formatting looks MUCH better on that page – the guy who designed these (GaMerZ) is a genius. I love these plugins!

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