Corker increases lead over Ford, Jr. and other updated poll news

A few new polls were released this morning and here’s the latest, per Real Clear Politics:

—- Encouraging news in the close race for Senator Bill Frist’s seat in Tennessee: Bob Corker’s lead over Harold Ford, Jr. has increased to five points, per a new LAT/Bloomberg poll dated 10/20-10/23. Is the Ford campaign starting to implode? If this and this (more here) are indications, it is. I’m starting to get more optimistic about Corker’s chances in TN.

—-The latest SurveyUSA poll (10/21-10/23) has Missouri Senator Jim Talent maintaining his three point lead over demagogue Claire McCaskill. The Fox ad, if I recall correctly, was not run until the 22nd, so we’ve yet to see the impact – if any – it will have on the polls.

—- Ohio Senator Mike DeWine is still trailing Sherrod Brown by 8 points, according to the LAT poll I mentioned earlier – I don’t have much hope for that seat staying in DeWine’s hands. DeWine has polled poorly pretty much throughout this race.

—- In Virginia, Jim Webb has reclaimed the lead over Senator George Allen by 3 points, per the LAT poll. In spite of the “macaca” incident, Allen had been polling ahead of Webb. This is the first poll in weeks that has had Webb ahead. A sign of things to come? Let’s hope not.

—- NJ Senator Bob Menendez is polling (per the LAT) 4 points ahead of Tom Kean, Jr. only a one point increase from the poll before that.


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