While I wasn’t looking …

… this blog reached the 500,000 visits mark, sometime in the last week, I presume. It now stands at 511,000 plus and counting.

Thanks, ya’ll :)

Now, I gotta cut loose. Footloose:

You know what cracks me up about that movie – particulary, the scene in the video? I remember the junior and senior high school dances I went to, and the guys there were not remotely interested in doing anything like a solo or line dancing! It was all gals could do to get them on the dance floor in the first place. Now, granted, in the Footloose movie the students in the movie haven’t been allowed to dance in, like, forever, but still. Guys just don’t DO that in junior and senior high. At least they didn’t at mine, anyway! LOL. I know – ya’ll guys out there just wanted to look cute standing there next to the wall, hoping your g/f’s would be content dancing without you, right? Works fine, I guess, until she starts dancing with someone else ;)

Update: Speaking of high school dances, remember this one? :D

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