Hey ya’ll – Friday afternoon I will be headed out of town travelling to Hotlanta for a weekend of fun with some friends, so I won’t be around to blog. However, I am leaving the blog in the very capable hands of Brian from Iowa Voice, who will be guest blogging in my absence.

This is the first time I’ve handed over the blogging reins (albeit temporarily) to someone else, but I know Brian will do a great job – otherwise I wouldn’t have asked him to blog here. Most of you are aware that I link to Iowa Voice frequently, and have often described Brian as the most underrated blogger in the blogosphere. If you haven’t visited Iowa Voice at all – or much – this will give you the opportunity to see Brian strut his stuff. I promise ya, he’s awesome :)

If I get a chance to, I’ll blog a little Friday morning, but if not, I won’t be back to blogging until late Sunday or early Monday. So ya’ll be good while I’m away, and please give Brian a warm welcome!

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