More John Kerry: Because We Can’t Get Enough Of His Wonderful Stuff

Eh, I know…lame headline. But I’ve been up for 7 hours now, hammering away at two..count ’em, TWO…blogs. :)

Anyway, here’s a wonderful response to Kerry’s “flubbed joke”:

I missed the joke. You must forgive me, for there just is not a lot of room in my life for even good jokes–and there is absolutely no room for “botched jokes”–when the subject of the joke is my son who was killed in Iraq. I know exactly what came out of Sen. John Kerry’s mouth, and in those words there is no interpretation required. His attempt to convince us–and, I believe, to convince himself that that there was really a botched joke buried deep within his insult is in fact a reaffirmation of his ever-present condescending nature. He actually believes that we are stupid enough to agree with him and start laughing simply because he said it was a joke. Mr. Kerry said exactly what he meant and meant exactly what he said. In those words Mr. Kerry did in fact wash completely away the facade of his support of our magnificent troops and revealed for all to see his true colors.

All one had to do is look into the face of Mr. Kerry as the last word came out of his mouth, and it was painfully obvious that he knew that he had just disparaged the entire military. As the firestorm grew, the calls for an apology filled me with unease. It is not up to him to determine if an apology is in order. That decision most certainly rests with the millions of individuals he offended, and then they would decide if they were going to accept one or not.

Go read the rest.

This is why John Kerry screwed up, big time. He may have convinced his own followers and fellow liberals that this was a lame joke gone awry, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t fool the troops or their families.

I stand by my prediction: John Kerry will disappear for the next few days, just like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid apparently have.

I also stand by my convictions that this wasn’t a messed up joke that was supposed to have his audience “tee-heeing” up until election day. The only thing that Kerry messed up on here was in slipping and telling you what he really thought of the troops and our military. If it were just about any other politician, I might say “ok, he made a mistake.” But Kerry has a thirty-plus year record of bashing the troops, and we can’t just ignore that.

And, make no mistake, he’s one of the so-called liberal “elites”, who think they’re smarter than you on everything there is to know. And it’s also no coincidence that he’s not the only one who feels this way.

The media might give him and his cohorts a free pass on this, but I don’t think middle America is going to. Kerry may very well have blown whatever slim chances his party had at taking over next week, and that’s why he finally said (however insincerely) he was sorry.

Brian runs the website Iowa Voice, and is filling in for ST for a few days.

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