I’m baaaaack :)

Had a fantastic time in Hotlanta this weekend – hung out with some awesome friends I was meeting face to face for the first time, who I got to know through ST reader Fat Tone – who I also, by the way, got to meet this weekend. FT is an incredible guitarist and just an all around great guy and it was good to hang out with him, and my friends “RebelChick”, “DragonFly” and “Globetrotter” (all of whom I know from a political message board) this past weekend. Had such a great time that I hope to visit Atlanta again very soon. Next time, though, I’ll leave my credit cards at home. I came back from Atlanta with five more pairs of shoes than I did when I got there ;)

I’m exhausted this evening from not getting any sleep this weekend but I do plan on putting up one quick post tonight before I log off to catch up on sleep. I’ve also got a lot of catching up to do on what’s going on in the world. Before I dash off to compose my post for this evening, I’d like to thank Brian at Iowa Voice immensely for taking care of my blog this weekend. He covered all the bases, blogged his face off, and managed the comments moderation like a pro. I’ve gotten some good feedback on Brian, which I’m happy to receive because Brian is one of those talents in the blogosphere whose blog deserves much more attention than it gets. I hope people reading what he wrote here this weekend will make his blog a regular stop.

Oh, and in other good news: The Panthers didn’t lose today! That’s great. Well, sort of. This was their bye week.

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