Defiant Dan Rather asserts TANG documents were “absolutely true” (AUDIO ADDED)

Just when you thought this issue was had been put to bed. Bob Owens has the details of an interview Rather did this morning Raleigh’s News-Talk 680 WPTF:

Just moments ago on North Carolina’s Morning News with Jack Boston on Raleigh-based News-Talk 680 WPTF, former CBS anchor Dan Rather defended the infamous 60 Minutes story using forged documents to attack President Bush’s service with the Texas Air National Guard as being, “absolutely true,” a charge a testy Rather reiterated at least four or five times.

Rather not only defended the report, but the validity of the forged documentation that the report relied on, saying it had never been proven false (despite copious evidence to the contrary).

Bob’s working on trying to obtain the audio from the interview.

PM Update I: Bob has updated his post to note that WPTF won’t be releasing the audio, but he did find this link to a story about the show from the Raleigh News and Observer.

PM Update II: Bob obtained audio of Rather’s interview from a reader. Scroll down to the end of his post to listen to it.

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