Me on the Tammy Bruce show today

FYI, I’ll be on the Tammy Bruce radio show today at 12:30 pm ET to talk about the election and the upcoming Dem meltdown over the liberal wing “suppression” being attempted by Rahm Emanuel :) Hope you’ll be able to listen!

PM Update: Sorry I don’t have the audio from today’s show – I am working on attempting to get a copy of it from the producer, or from the Talk Radio Network archives. I can’t find it on the TRN site – d supposedly when you sign up for Premium content, you have access to the archives – but I can’t find any archives of Tammy’s stuff. If I get my hands on an audio copy, I’ll make sure to post it. We talked about how the Dems had to be deceptive and recruit moderate to conservative Dems (aka “Blue Dog Dems) in order to get elected in areas they normally would not have.

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