Nominations being accepted for the 2006 Weblog Awards

The 2006 Weblog Awards Yours truly was honored to be a top five finalist in last year’s weblog awards in the Best of the Top 251 – 500 Blogs category. I enjoyed the spirit of last year’s competition, and hope to be able to again this year. I’d be in the same category this year, as my blog currently ranks 363 in the Truth Laid Bear Ecosystem.

In addition, there are a multitude of categories to choose from, like best blog, best individual blog, best conservative blog, etc., as nominations for the same blog can be made in multiple categories … (hint hint!)

To nominate a blog, you must enter the blog’s URL and the blog’s feed info. For example, if you wanted to nominate this one, here’s what you would post in the category in which it was nominated:

So go nominate your favorite blog now :) The nomination period ends on November 24th, but the sooner nominations are made, the better – in my very humble opinion.

PS: And Hot Air must win as best video blog. Crooks and Liars ran away with the win in that category last year, but that was before Hot Air was created. Hopefully HA will blow the competition away this year.

Also, if I remember correctly, last year there were too many liberal winners – hopefully this won’t happen this year.

Nominate and vote conservative! :D

Thanks once again goes to Wizbang for conducting another year of the Weblog Awards.

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