Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell elected as Senate Minority Leader, Lott wins Senate Minority Whip slot

Not much time to comment on this, but wanted to post a link to the story.

I don’t know much about McConnell (yet) but the reaction of the blogosphere to Lott’s return to a leadership position is decidedly negative. I’m not crazy about it myself, but I’m thankful at least that they put a fresh face (McConnell)in the main minority leadership post in the Senate. I don’t hold out much hope for the House, but hey, maybe they’ll surprise us all.

More: Don Surber reminds us that McConnell “not only opposed McCain-Feingold, but took it to court.” I like him already.

John McIntyre at Real Clear Politics on Lott:

Lott’s win for the #2 GOP slot in the Senate was unexpected, though not entirely surprising. I suspect it is a triumph for Republicans in the Senate who want to take a considerably more aggressive posture with the new Democratic majority. Lott is in a far better position than Lamar Alexander to effectively use the wide array of Senate rules the minority has at its disposal to frustrate the majority, especially a one-vote majority.

The very brief post-election comity is ending – as well it should from the Republicans’ standpoint. Democrats had great success by repeatedly frustrating Republican efforts to govern and relentlessly attacking President Bush, and now that they are in the majority the “can’t we all just get along” schtick rings rather hollow to most Capitol Hill Republicans.

Lott’s win can be read as a sign that Senate Republicans are gearing up to be an aggressive and effective minority, and his ascension back into the ranks of the leadership is probably a very smart tactical move by the GOP.

What say ye?

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