Thursday open thread and misc. linkage

—- Thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the eight victims of today’s deadly tornado strike at a mobile home park in the small town of Riegelwood, NC. When I was little girl, we lived in Riegelwood for a short time – in a mobile home.

—- Indonesia: Voodoo Practitioner Tries to Jinx Bush. I thought he already did that last week? :-?

—- Idiot criminal news: Kidnap suspect accidentally shoots himself, ahem, where the sun don’t shine.

—- More idiot criminal news: Man steals TV, returns later to steal the remote. Is there anything a man won’t do for a remote control? ;)

—- Desperately seeking more info on this story: Man arrested at the Detroit Metro airport had $79K and a laptop containing info on nuclear materials and cyanide.

—- Did ya hear that former Dallas Cowboys football star Emmitt Smith won this year’s Dancing With The Stars competition? Watch some of Emmitt’s dance floor moves here. Go Emmitt!

—- Dems in bed with Abramoff? Deny! Deny! Deny!

—- John Edwards is a Wal-mart critic hypocrite.

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