MSM, once pushy for a withdraw from a Iraq, now singing “give war a chance” post-election

Noel Sheppard wrote yesterday in The American Thinker about how the press, among others, are now all of a sudden on the “give war a chance” bandwagon in post-election Democratic-win USA … and how the Democratic party is now engaged in a full-scale make-over attempt on the issue of Iraq, which isn’t pleasing their hardcore hate Bush/anti-military Nutroots faction.

It’s not hard to figure out why, once you read Sheppard’s piece: It’s a combination of the House Democrats rejection of cut and runner John Murtha and the testimony of retired generals and other military experts last week who said that a ‘phased withdrawal’ as favored by Democrats will not work in Iraq. One thing also strongly implied – which I think is the bigger reason – is simply because Democrats are in power now, and the press is jumping on the “we must win” bandwagon because they want their Dem pals in Congress to get the credit for it.

The mediots couldn’t be more obvious if they came out and just admitted it.

Sidenote: I wonder if this means the media will finally start reporting on some of the good things that happen in Iraq?

Nah …

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