Tuesday open thread

Howdy ya’ll. I’ll add my misc. pre-holiday ramblings to the open thread:

The weather is downright icky here today. This morning it started sleeting around 10ish and then graduated later to freezing rain. And the wind is so strong you feel like it could pick you up and drop you 10 feet away. It feels more like Christmas than fall, with this kind of weather.

On my lunch break I went to the grocery store to go ahead and get what I need to make TGiving desserts tomorrow night – I wanted to avoid the crowds I knew I’d see this evening and tomorrow if I waited until then. On top of having to park too far away and walking in the freezing rain to get into the store, I pick the loudest, most rattling buggy in the whole store to shop with but I was in such a rush that I didn’t take the time to walk back and put it up for another one.

Got back here to the office, and brought the stuff I needed to temporarily keep in the fridge until I go home, including my two Mrs. Smith’s Dutch Apple pies (buy one/get one free deal at the grocery store). I put the bag on my desk and walked away for half a second and heard a thud. Sure enough, the two pies fell onto the floor out of the bag. Hopefully they’re still intact inside the boxes, or the ST family will be having crumbly apple pie as one of their desserts. Wouldn’t be the first time ;)

Ok – so who here are the cooks at TGiving and who are the helpers? I fall more in the “helper” category as I’ve been told my kitchen skills leave a lot to be desired …

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