Christmas and what it’s all about

Just got done watching the classic “A Charlie Brown Christmas” – it’s my favorite of all the half hour to hour Christmas classics (over Rudolph, and the others), and the original soundtrack to the show, composed by Vince Guaraldi, is a staple in my Christmas CD music collection.

All too often, the real meaning of Christmas gets lost or blurred in all the flurry of shopping, travelling, and holiday parties – and sadly, in the era of PC, some people want to take the meaning of Christmas out of the season altogether, as Mary Katharine Ham details here.

I know of people who don’t believe in any form of religious faith, and also know people of other faiths, who do not get offended when they hear or read “Merry Christmas.” They accept it as part of our culture but celebrate it privately in their homes in a different way. They know there is a reason the name “Christ” is in the word Christmas and it doesn’t have a bleeping thing to do with a “winter festival” or whatever the heck the perpetually offended call it these days. What does it have to do with? This little guy, who I’m sure most of ya’ll will recognize, explains it succinctly:

Thankfully, the PC crowd can’t touch programs like the Charlie Brown Christmas cartoon – they might be able to prevent them from being watched on government property or at government-sanctioned events, but they can’t stop them from being sold in the stores, and from being watched on television. And most importantly, at this time of year when political correctness is so out of control, I take comfort in the fact that they can’t take Christmas out of our hearts and minds, nor will they ever be able to change the meaning of Christmas, no matter how hard they try.

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