Media labels conservatives would love to see tossed in the trash

Just came across this list readers of NRO’s Media Blog sent Stephen Spruiell after he posted the following question:

“What labels for conservatives and conservative policies would you be thankful to see the media stop using?”

Some suggestions on the list (emphasis his):

A lot of people e-mailed with the opinion that the media has so consistently misapplied the term “neoconservative” that it no longer means anything, and that its use should be discontinued.

Todd J. submitted: “Diversity: Replaces Affirmative Action, still means Racial Preferences.”

Several readers submitted names of individuals who are consistently labeled “conservative” in the mainstream media — even though they are not — so that their criticism of conservatives carries more weight. Most prominent nominees were David Gergen, Andrew Sullivan and Chuck Hagel. David R. also complained that Hagel is referred to as “leading Republican senator” when he’s criticizing other Republicans. What is he a leader of, exactly?

Janice G. nailed a media meme that really annoys me: “Please add to your list, ‘domestic’ wiretapping (whenever the media or pundits are referring to the NSA surveillance of ‘international’ communications).

I’d add the term “maverick” to that list as it’s an irritating word that is used by the MSM to describe anyone who disagrees with the President – especially other Republicans.

Got any other suggestions? Post ’em in the comments section.

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